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E38/39 Coding/Programming/Retrofit


1) Close Windows & Sunroof With KeyFob
2) Start Car Without Clutching
3) Auto-Lock Doors At 10mph
4) One Click Door Unlock (One Press Of The Unlock Button Unlocks All Doors)
6) Disable Window Safety (Allows One Touch Up Window Operation While Door Is Open)
8) Doors Lock 2 Minutes After Unlock (If No Door Is Opened)
9) Disable Sidemarkers – Still Work As Turn Signals (May Not Be Available For All Model Years)
10) Disable DRL’s (Daytime Running Lights)
11) Enable Inner Halogen High Beams Instead Of Xenon’s
12) Run High Beams & Fog Lights Simultaneously
13) Remove Light Errors (Caused By Aftermarket LED Lights, Etc.)
14) Double Hazard Flashers/Eurohazards
15) Disable Seat Belt Chimes
16) Disable Door Chime

B) ECU Replacements Programing/Encoding

C) Software Updates

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