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mercedes key replacement UK
SMART remote fob mercedes
mercedes car locksmith

If you are reading this webpage that's means you need some advice regards your Mercedes. This is good choice because we have many years experience in this trade as well as we are using top quality equipment taking care about our customers. 

There are few cases you may need our help. If you loose last working key or even worse when the last one has been locked inside the car. The other reason is that remote key stopped working or just simply want to additional key - to be on the safe site.

From about 2013/2014 Mercedes Benz introduced new immo system called FBS4. Since that there is no company who can make Mercedes key apart main dealer. So if you see another key company saying that they can make it...please dont waste your time they probably not informed 100%.

We can support most Mercedes cars till 2014 and vans till present. 

When your key stopped work always the best experience is test the key and the car with suitable equipment before do replace anything.

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