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Jaguar key replacement

If you are reading this webpage that's means you need some advice regards your Jaguar This is good choice because we have many years experience in this trade as well as we are using top quality equipment taking care about our customers. 

There are few cases you may need our help. If you loose last working key or even worse when the last one has been locked inside the car. The other reason is that remote key stopped working or just simply want to additional key - to be on the safe site.

From about 2014 Jaguar introduced new software update for keyless module -KVM- to prevent adding the keys at all. This means if you loose the key or key simply stopped responding there are no possibility program new key anymore. The car has been equipped with two remotes only from factory. The only way to add new key is that to replace KVM module for new and program another keys again. Once done it KVM gets locked again with two keys only.

The way to replace or add new key with Main Dealer becoming very expensive giving owners of those beautiful cars big headache. 

Fortunately we can bypass this process and add spare key even to new Jaguar cars without removing any module.

When your key stopped work always the best experience is test the key and the car with suitable equipment before replace anything.

jaguar key replace in london
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jaguar xj key replacement
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