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E65/66 Coding/Programming/Retrofit

A)   PERFORMANCE/DRIVABILITY (Additional Charges Apply)
1) Update EGS/TCU Module (Transmission)
2) Update ECU/DME Module (Engine)
1) DVD In Motion & Displayed On Front Screen (Need Rear Seat Ent.)
2) Disable Legal Disclaimer (May Not Work On All Models)
3) Disable Seat Belt Chimes
4) Disable Door Chime (Key In Ignition Chime)
5) Close Windows & Sunroof With KeyFob
6) Fold/Unfold Side Mirrors With KeyFob
7) One Click Unlock (One Click Unlocks All Doors)
8) Doors Auto Lock At 10mph
9) Unlock Doors When Car Is Turned Off
10) Close Trunk From Key & Interior Button (Need Power Trunk)
11) Enable Pathway Lighting (Homelights From KeyFob)
12) Disable DRL’s
13) Enable Angel Eye’s As DRL’s (LM2 Only)
14) Enable Welcome Lights (LM2 Only)
15) Brake Force Display-Rear Fogs Illuminate W/Normal Braking (LM2 Only)
16) Double Hazard Flashers/Eurohazards
17) Disable Sidemarkers
18) Run High Beams & Fog Lights Simultaneously
19) Enable Inner Halogen High Beams Instead Of Xenon’s
20) Disable Angel Eye Dimming (LM2 Only)
21) Digital Speedometer
22) Disable Speed Overestimation (Analog Speedometer Only)
23) Disable AC From Automatically Turning On When Car Is Started

 C)   RETROFITS (Coding/Programming Only)
1) Aux Cable (Requires Facelift MMI & ASK Unit)
2) iPod Connector
3) LM2 Light Module
4) Vehicle Battery (Registration AND/OR Recoding Of New Batteries)
D)   LIGHTING (Additional Charges Apply)
1) LED Door Puddle Lights (2 Piece Set) – BMW Logo *This item projects an illuminated BMW logo onto the ground when the door is opened.
2) LED Door Puddle Lights (2 Piece Set) – ///M Logo *This item projects an illuminated ///M logo onto the ground when the door is opened.
Note: These Products Do NOT Require Any Drilling Or Rewiring.fts.

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