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E70/71 Coding/Programming/Retrofit/Remote

1) DVD In Motion (CIC Navigation OR DVD Changer In Glovebox Required)
2) TV In Motion (Only Available On International Models With TV Tuner Installed)
3) Disable Legal Disclaimers
4) Add/Delete Weatherband (WB) From Entertainment Options
5) Enable Rear Cam Zoom Feature (CIC Navigation Only)
6) Transfer Phone’s Ringtone To Vehicle (Only Works With iPhones) – Combox Required
7) Change US Nav Voice To UK Nav Voice (CIC Navigation Only)
8) Add “DSC Off” Option to iDrive Menu – ///M Cars Only (This Feature Allows For 9) Configurtion Of DSC Fully Off When ‘M’ Button Is Pressed On Steering Wheel
10) Disable TPMS (If You Change Your Wheels)
11)Disable Seat Belt Chimes
12) Disable Door Chime (Key In Ignition Chime)
13) Close Windows & Sunroof With KeyFob
14) Fold/Unfold Side Mirrors With KeyFob
15) Fold Side Mirrors As Soon As The Vehicle Is Locked
16) Disable Window Safety (Allows One Touch Up Window Operation While Door Is Open)
17) Start Car Without Braking
18) Unlock Doors When Car Is Turned Off
19) Eject KeyFob When Car Is Turned Off
20) Close Hatch From Key & Interior Button
21) Disable Auto-Dim Side Mirrors
22) Disable Headlight Washers
23) Wipers End Cycle (Wipers Return To Start Position When Car Is Shut Off)
24) Disable Interior Alarm Motion Sensor (Beneficial If You Often Travel With Your Pet/Pets)
25) Increase Angel Eye Brightness
26) Enable Fog Lights As Welcome Lights (2010+ Vehicles Only)
27) Enable Brake Force Display – Rear Fogs Illuminate W/Normal Braking
28) Enable Brake Force Braking – Flashing Taillights Activated With Heavy Braking
29) Double Hazard Flashers/Eurohazards
30) Disable Sidemarkers (Still Work As Turn Signals)
31) Run High Beams & Fog Lights Simultaneously
32) Disable Angel Eye Dimming (Not Available For 2012, 2013 & 2014 Vehicles With LED AE’s)
33) Disable Fogs From Turning On When You Are Turning Left & Right
34) Enable Fog Lights To Be On All The Time (When Lights Are On)
35) Enable/Disable Rear DRL’s
36) Remove Adaptive Headlight Errors
37) Remove Light Errors (Caused By Aftermarket LED Lights, etc.)
38) Digital Speedometer
39) Disable Speed Overestimation (Only Works For Digital Speedometer)
40) Disable Top Speed Restriction For Cameras (Can Be Used While Driving- CIC Navigation Only)
41) Instrument Cluster Lighting Always On (On By Default On ///M Cars)
42) Enable MHUD (Need Heads Up Display - Does Not Work On Diesels)
43) Disable AC/Climate From Automatically Turning On When Car Is Started
B)   RETROFITS (Coding/Programming) (Additional Charges Apply)
1) Trailer Hitch
2) CCC Navigation (DVD Based Navigation) (Standard on 2007-2009 Cars)
3) CIC Navigation (Hard Drive Based Navigation) (Standard on 2010+ Cars)
4) Combox (Only Compatible With CIC Navigation)
5) BMW Apps (Combox Hardware Is Required)
6) LCI Taillights (Standard On 2011+ X5’s and 2012+ X6’s)
7) LCI/LED Headlights (Standard On 2012+ X5’s & 2013+ X6’s)
8) Vehicle Battery (Registration AND/OR Recoding Of New Batteries)
9) FRM3 Light Module (Standard on 2010+ Vehicles)

C)   UPDATES (Additional Charges Apply)
1) 2017.1 CIC Navigation Map Update
2) 2015 CCC Navigation Map Update
3) Full car software update
D)   LIGHTING (Additional Charges Apply)
1) LED Door Puddle Lights (2 Piece Set) – BMW Logo *This item projects an illuminated BMW logo onto the ground when the door is opened.
2) LED Door Puddle Lights (2 Piece Set) – ///M Logo *This item projects an illuminated ///M logo onto the ground when the door is opened.
Note: These Products Do NOT Require Any Drilling Or Rewiring.

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