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BMW 6WB Retrofit - virginize the cluster

We are offering instrument cluster services for all BMW cars and others makes.

Replacing dashboard is not plug and play job. New instrument cluster showing different mileage and also not working properly due to lack of coding and programming. Before all those things are done the cluster needs to be virginize in order to accept the coding and programming. Basically car software is design that way to only accept new never used dashboard. This all things need to be done to achieve full working dashboard again.


If you decided  upgrade  your instrument cluster to M CLOCK6WA or  6WB  or Mercedes LED please ask for a quote. It will really change interior look of your car.

We also have some 6wb cluster for sale on ebay in carprogrammer section​. They all will be virginised and coded to your car in the price.

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CarProgrammer shop


BMW 6wb retrofit
bmw dashboard coding


Mercedes E class

Mercedes dashboard retrofit
Real procedure to virginize second hand instrument cluster
Bmw F20, F48 or F22 LED (LCI) Instrument cluster example retrofit
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