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Comfort access roof and servotronic coding

We can provide some of BMW E series exclusive services very rarely to be found elsewhere. One of them is Comfort access roof closing for convertible cars E series. The cars are 3 series E93, 1 series E88 and Z4 E series models. Another one is Servotronic activation for all e series with EPS power steering system.

Bmw roof closing from the key fob button

It is available to all cars mentioned above. Please understand this is very complex job and cant be done by the simply coding and programming.

Please note the cost is £250 and the car needs to be booked in for one day.

Key facts:

  • you wont get this feature with BMW forums expert.

  • you wont do it with smart phone software.

  • the bmw coders are unable to make it.

  • you don't need any more third party key fobs attached as well as some strange extra modules pluged in

  • you are not coming here just for checking if the function is possible to switch on. It will be activated.

  • car must be in fully working order

  • everything working from your original key fob

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