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Mercedes Bmw ESL/ELV steering lock repair

With Car-Programmer we can help with faulty steering lock for Mercedes Bmw or Vw Crafter. If you already experienced one of the symptoms bellow it may indicate that your steering lock failure.
There is couple of things you can do.
If the fault is intermittent you can still drive but if your Elv will died completely the only way will be towing to the local garage and remove steering column.
When you suspect problem with the ESL you can leave the car in the garage and let them remove the unit before not too late and send the unit to us for repair
If you need get rid of the problem quickly and relatively cheap the best way is bypass it. This is good method if the steering lock is still in working condition order.

Failure steering lock

  1. Intermittent fault not releasing steering after the key inserted   
  2. Ignition turns but dash stays black
  3. Ignition turns but engine not cranking
  4. Car starts after several attempts
  5. Cold weather starting problem
  6. Key does not turn at all
steering lock esl elv repair
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